Sales & Acquisitions


Our highly motivated sales team, led by Massimo Isidori, has specific aviation experience. It is able to fulfill the most stringent requirements of those clients wishing to purchase or sell an aircraft, either fixed or rotor wing.

Orion FLY offers a reliable and qualified service to manage complex and intricate transactions. Its global network of associates in aviation guarantees a vast system of contacts and a great understanding of market trends and aircraft values.

Relying on an in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry and years of experience on the “battlefield”, Orion FLY is able to assist its clients at all stages of the purchase, lease or sale process by locating an aircraft or a prospective purchaser, providing superior and seamless customer support through the complete transaction process to ensure that success is achieved by all parties.

The OrionFLY's specific experience in aircraft completion is another major tool for supporting clients willing to rely on professional advisors for customizing their aircraft, as cabin completion represents the most important and challenging process after aircraft purchase.

Services Available:

  • Aircraft advertisement and marketing
  • Needs assessment & cost analysis
  • Aircraft research, screening and first round of recommended aircraft selections
  • Term sheet and offer letter development and negotiation
  • Price Negotiation
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Support of specific country and market issues
  • Lease/Purchase contract development and negotiation
  • Finance and legal assistance
  • Technical support agreement development and negotiation
  • Escrow management
  • Management of inspection, closing and delivery
  • Assistance for aircraft ferry flight or shipment
  • Aircraft registration
  • Management of any required maintenance and/or modifications
  • Flight operation and aircraft management
  • Crew & personnel recruitment & training assistance